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Welcome to Lucid Elysium!

Lucid Elysium is a gathering of oldschool gamers and close friends, sharing gaming experiences across multiple platforms and a Menagerie of games. 

Guild News

Please join /Lucid Chat in TSW

Priest.Erlang-Shen, Sep 8, 12 7:06 PM.
As our Cabal grows, one of my greatest challenges is making sure that everyone feels  included.  That's especially difficult for our Cabal mates that rolled something other thank Templar.

I'd like you all to help me out by joining our chat channel when you log in.

/chat Lucid
Right click on your chat window and subscribe to #Lucid channel
to talk in Lucid type

Thank you

"Will you walk into my Parlor?" said the spider to the fly;

Priest.Erlang-Shen, Sep 3, 12 5:31 PM.
'Tis the prettiest little parlor
That ever you did spy"

Lairs, yes Gents yes I speak of Lairs.  On account that there isnt enough evil to deal with in The Secret World, we'll be going out looking for trouble by summoning open world Lair Bosses.  That and there propensity for drooping blue and purple signets not to mention a cubic shitload of AP.

Please join us tonight to help us farm the puzzle pieces and then on Friday for the Summoning Party! Remember its BYOB, "Bring your own Boomstick"

Polaris Masterplaner under out belt

Priest.Erlang-Shen, Sep 2, 12 3:48 AM.
Big News Gents,

I'm jazzed to recognize a new achievement for our Cabal.  We have completed Polaris Nightmare on Master Planer.

And although there was only five of us there we ALL share part of that victory.  Every late night spent staying up to get one of your Cabal mate that one more bullion, every signet donated to the Cabal bank, every word of encouragement added up to the our being able to accomplish one of the hardest goals yet in the Secret world.

Please take a moment and reflect on exactly how much well all collectively kickass.

Also, Mr. Vehemant your tanking is coming along at an outstanding rate.  You Sir are a pleasure to heal for brother.

DnD All Weekend, Every Weekend

Xonj, Sep 2, 12 3:39 AM.
Me and Lukas are really wanting to promote our DnD to our members. So please if you have any desire to join. But don't know how mail me and i will help you :) Also our time frame has seem to be open because of what we like to do. The best time for you will be the best time for us to enjoy a world with no limits and every possibility!

Two New Important Appointments

Priest.Erlang-Shen, Aug 19, 12 2:42 PM.
We are a Circle.

And in that fact lies our strength as a Cabal and a Community.  As a Circle everyone is valued and has a voice.  The crescendo of those voices culminates into the Grim Council, which represents the leadership of this Cabal.

With the recent growth our Community has experienced over the last few weeks, I feel that a new appointment to the Grim Council is warranted to ensure continued fair and balanced representation.

Ve-hement's credentials speak for themselves, and what he has done for this Cabal on a daily basis would likely take the majority of my morning to recap.  Suffice to say, Ve, Congratulations on your appointment and thank you for picking up the mantle of leadership.


In order to allow for more direct access to the leadership of this Cabal, and assist the Council and myself with the logistics of running this Community, I would like to announce the creation of a Senior Non-Com position. 

This position carries the authority and responsibility of organizing daily squad level events, acting as a Quartermaster ensuring cabal mates access to the Cabal bank, settling minor disputes, but mostly bringing any ideas or concerns that people have to the Council.

This appointment really shouldn't be a surprise being that Sonk has been filling this role the last few weeks before even being asked.  Thank you Sonk for stepping up and Congratulations.

As always if anyone has any concerns or comments my virtual door is always open.  Now lets get out there and have some fun!
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